Antares Società per lo sviluppo dei sistemi organizzativi

antaresANTARES was founded in 1989 (former name was S3 ACTA); it is a SME, with a large team of qualified consultants. ANTARES works in the field of enterprise consultancy, socio-organizational research and management training. ANTARES has been involved in more than 50 national and European partnerships, both in research and training areas, showing its ability to manage complex projects, paying particular attention to organizations working with innovative processes (telework, e-learning, etc.).

This allows ANTARES to participate to a large and qualified network of enterprises, universities and public bodies all over Europe. ANTARES works with companies and public bodies in the social and organizational field, analysis of training needs, diagnosis of problems related to work organization. In the last five years it started with an innovative approach both in the areas of wellbeing and coaching, after the participation to several European and Italian projects, now this is a new sector where the Antares experts are offering their competences.

ANTARES follows with great attention the continuous development of the society and it proposes itself as an actor able to help in ensuring that organizations can change to adapt to the development. In particular it has a great experience in research and training for human resources (skill assessment, career development, transversal training for professional development, wellbeing assessment, diversity management, coaching for individuals or small teams, etc.)

It manages all projects by cooperating with the clients and partners relating its interventions to their specific needs. Moreover it has a large experience in the area of monitoring and evaluation of complex projects, managing their quality system.

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