ibos – The institute for burnout and stress management

ibos offers a holistic diagnosis and treatment program for diseases related to burnout and stress, as well as preventative procedures for individuals, companies and organisations.

The institute for burnout and stress management was founded in 2003 by Dr. Lisa Tomaschek-Habrina and a team of doctors, psychotherapists, coaches, supervisors, trainers, mediators, management consultants, experts in the fields of economics and marketing, attorneys and representatives from the area of complementary medicine.

Being the largest out-patient facility in Upper Austria, ibos offers prevention, consultation, support and treatment of burnout and stress related diseases.

Offers for individuals

The primary goal is the prevention, consultation, guidance and treatment of people with symptoms of burnout and stress related diseases.

The offer is aimed at people who, for their own sake, wish to prevent “burning out” or are finding themselves in a phase of re-orientation after experiencing a burnout syndrome.

The consultation and treatment also includes the social environment of the person concerned. When considering burnout and stress related diseases, a particular focus is on the co-dependency of relatives.

Support for companies

ibos stands as partner in the topics of prevention and enhancing health not only by the side of individuals but also whole organisations and companies.

We do so in particular when they are in the middle of a change process or have just finished it, or when their employees are at higher risk of experiencing burnout due to implemented structure related and task related general regulations.

The ibos team supports companies:

  • answer questions regarding stress/burnout (and the related risks) in order to raise awareness and so contribute to prevention in their organisation.
  • establish a supportive business culture with appropriate actions and so achieve long term increase of commitment in the workplace.
  • by granting relief to employees who are at risk of burnout or suffering from it by providing professional, effective and sustainable help.

The perfect synergy to ibos is the associated company E•S•B•C – European Systemic Business Competences, which is breaking new ground in business consulting with systemic competence development and value-oriented competence management. As a result, in combination with the two origo institutes emerges a profound range of services, which in addition to burnout and stress management, also offers management training, coaching and consulting. This guarantees customers holistic solutions.


Phone consultations are free of charge as well is the response to emails. Further treatment can be paid by the individual and might be claimable on their health insurance. The doctors’ and psychotherapists’ fees are set according to the standard rates specific to their professions.

Due to a contract, all members of KFA Wien and those additionally insured by them, have the opportunity to have the full cost of the treatment covered by their health insurance.

STAP (Staff Assistance Program) is for employees of a company. Companies may subsidise the program partially or fully.

Suggested readings

Interviews with Dr. Lisa Tomaschek-Habrina (director at the origo Health Centres ibos, salvia and sowhat), other experts on the topic of burnout and former burnout sufferers make this phenomenon tangible in simple words. They give helpful tips to prevent burnout and explain ibos’ support program for individuals and for companies.

CD and book: „Der Fleiß und sein Preis. Erfolg ohne Stress und Burnout“ by Lisa Tomaschek-Habrina can be purchased via www.origo-publishing.eu, directly at the institute or in specialty book stores.

ibos – Institute for Burnout and Stressmanagement
Dr. Lisa Tomaschek-Habrina – ibos General Manager
Gerstnerstrasse 3, 1150 Wien
, Austria
mail: info@ibos.co.at, www.ibos.co.at