Coaching in burnout prevention

Coaching definition

Coaching is a special consultation procedure which supports clients on a variety of levels with their job/life related activities.

Coaching in burnout preventionThe coach’s role is not meant to tell you what to do, instead the framework is a collaborative method to explore appropriate options, supporting you develop appropriate skills and strategies that will help you make the cognitive and behavioural changes needed to achieve your goals.

In burnout situation coaching has some natural goals:

  1. to create opportunities for coachee to self-diagnose how deep is their burnout
  2. to look for other methods that can support the process of regaining life force
  3. to look for the most influential factors that deepen the burnout process
  4. to find strategies that help coachee to deal with these factors or eliminate them
  5. to support the person in finding solutions on the level higher than the one on which the problem was created
  6. to take advantage of the situation to reinforce the person’s self-awareness, reflection, contact with values, life goals and identity

Coaching In burnout prevention can be applied to focus on such goals as:

  1. checking the situation
  2. finding out existing and potential stressors
  3. supporting  coachee in creating prevention strategies to key stressors
  4. supporting  coachee in finding the best ways to develop the necessary abilities to cope with job demands
  5. supporting  coachee to discern the areas of their influence and outside it to set appropriate goals
  6. supporting coachee in widening their area of influence
  7. supporting coachee in finding ways to keep life balance between job and private life

Beneath you can read about the different approaches to coaching

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